Get the Google +1 Button


By adding the +1 button to your website, you allow your users to recommend your content to their circles and drive traffic to your site. If you aren’t yet using the Google +1 button on your website, it’s definitely time to start.

+1 gets conversations going. Click the +1 button to give something your public stamp of approval. Then, if you want to share right away, add a comment and send it to the right circles on Google+.

Many businesses overlook the value of social sharing buttons and don’t use them. Social sharing buttons serve two important purposes. First, they...

Get The Google Plus Badge


The Google+ badge allows visitors to engage with your brand directly from the badge itself while also enabling company pages to get more recommendations and grow their audience on G+.

The Google+ Follow badge helps social media marketers to grow their audience on Google+ and show more recommendations in Google search by letting people add company pages to their circles and +1 pages they would like to connect with, all without leaving a site.

By using the Google+ badge to connect your website to your Google+ page, marketers make it easy for their online audience to subscribe to...